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“Discover the Pathway to a Lucrative Career: Buffalo’s Landscape Maintenance Technician Program, Now Open for Pre-registration”

Code Your Way to Higher Wages: Pre-register Now for the Buffalo Landscape Maintenance Technician Program

Take a Look at Buffalo’s Lucrative Landscaping Opportunity: Pre-registration for the Landscape Maintenance Technician Program Now Open

Maximize Your Job Prospects with Buffalo’s Landscape Technician Course: Registration for the Landscape Maintenance Program Open Through January 29

Buffalo, New York (WKBW) – Boost your career chances and take part in a program designed to help employ Buffalo residents while also enhancing the city’s beauty. Pre-registration for the Landscape Maintenance Technician Program is now open, giving a unique opportunity to citizens, running until January 29.

From our good friend Pheben Kassahun, the director of the program gives an inside scoop on the benefits of participating in the course and shares two graduates’ stories of success.

Gina Burkhardt, the Director of the Buffalo Center for the Arts and Technology (BCAT), explains why this program is ideal for the City of Buffalo. “It’s really a path forward, and to be a productive community member in Buffalo.”

Now in its third year, the Landscape Maintenance Technician Program continues to develop worker skill sets in the Buffalo landscaping industry, and also serves as a pipeline for people to get into the industry and get paid a living wage. Burkhardt notes, “Look at the city. It’s an amazing park-based city. There was a lot of work that needed to be done and not a lot of qualified applicants. So, we decided to build a training program based on the National Association of Landscape Practitioners to offer a course.”

This Program is Free – But Hurry, Seats are Limited to 25

This opportunity comes at no cost, however space is limited to only 25 people. Participants will receive 30 hours of online classes and 30 hours of fieldwork, as well as a fee of up to $1,500 for the training. To qualify applicants must have a high school diploma or above.

7 Benefits Not to Miss

The program also gives participants added advantages such as:

● A free pair of steel-toe boots
● A resume writing workshop to aid in the job search
● A Landscape Maintenance certificate after completion of the course
● An invitation to attend a post-training job fair in March

You Learn It All – Turf Maintenance, Fertilization and Safety

Each class covers a specific topic, to prepare students for the working field. You will learn crucial skills like turf maintenance, fertilization and safety procedures.

Two Job Success Stories

Rickey Kearny and Patrick McIntyre are previous participants in the program, both now holding higher-level positions. After starting as seasonal employees in Delaware Park and the Buffalo Olmstead Park Conservancy respectively, they are now working as a supervisor and a golf course superintendent.

McIntyre conveyed his appreciation from the program stating, “The program for me was invaluable. I had no training in turf management.” He added, “I had no training to working on a golf course where it’s a very high level of turf care management and without the BCAT program, in all honesty it sounds like a cliché, but I probably wouldn’t be doing this.”

Kearney remarked on the knowledge he gained during the program saying, “I had experience with landscaping because I had a landscaping and plowing business but I came to the BCAT program to get more of an understanding for what I was doing and what I was working with and different chemicals that we come across so it was a really great experience just to get that extra knowledge.”

Make the Most of the Riverline Expansion

Jeffrey Lebsack, the Western New York Land Conservancy Riverline director, noted that this is the perfect time to get involved in the landscaping industry as Buffalo is increasing its landscape. In the next couple of years, the Riverline aims to be a 40-acre public space situated between Downtown and the Buffalo River, with various unique plants and gateways.

The Last Day to Register is January 29

Don’t miss out on this free chance to boost your career prospects! The course begins February 5, and the last day to register is January 29. Click here for information and to sign up!

For any inquiries on the program, contact Krista Berry, BCAT Landscape Program Coordinator, at (716) 259-1680 ext. 117 or email [email protected].

Unlock Career Possibilities in Buffalo with the Landscape Maintenance Technician Program: Pre-registration Now Open

Start the Path to a Better Future: Buffalo Offers Landscape Maintenance Technician Program with Paid Training

Expand Your Professional Prospects: Registration for the Buffalo Landscape Maintenance Program Open Through January 29

Jumpstart Your Landscaping Career with Buffalo’s LMT Program: Pre-registration Now Available!