Why Tree Removal Is Sometimes Necessary is the Subject of a New EPS Landscaping & Tree Service Blog – Digital Journal

Why Tree Removal Is Sometimes Necessary is the Subject of a New EPS Landscaping & Tree Service Blog – Digital Journal

Pembroke Pines, FL-based Empire Property Services (EPS) is a company that likes to go above and beyond just providing high-quality professional landscaping and tree services. That includes giving those in the Southeastern Florida areas that they serve useful advice that can help them make important landscaping and tree-related decisions. A good example of this is a recent blog article that the company posted to its website that goes over the reasons why tree removal is sometimes necessary and what to do after a tree has been removed. Greg O’Connell, who co-owns the company along with his wife, says, “We are a tree services provider that recognizes the important role that trees play in our environment. They not only provide a significant amount of the oxygen that we breathe but they also help filter pollutants out of that air too. That’s why we prefer to maintain trees instead of taking them down but sometimes tree removal is necessary. Our new blog will help home and business owners better understand the situations where taking a tree down is the right choice.”

This new EPS blog started by mentioning that several factors go into making a tree removal decision. This includes the condition that is causing tree removal to be considered, the cost of taking the tree down, and even emotional ties to trees that have been in a family for generations. It also talked about how trees that are isolated and away from structures can be allowed to naturally die off but that’s not the case for problem trees. These are trees that if they or some of their larger branches come down this poses a serious risk to people and property in their vicinity. That’s why tree removal is often recommended for trees that are dead or dying or growing too close to homes and other structures. Trees that are growing too close to power lines and are becoming so overgrown that they dominate all of the other trees and plant life in a landscape are also candidates for removal. Also mentioned in the new EPS Landscaping & Tree Service LLC article is that company’s such as them have experienced arborists that are always happy to assist with a tree removal decision. This blog post also went over what to do after a tree has been removed. This includes planting a new tree which will once again help to replace the privacy and environmental benefits that the removed tree once provided. A home or business owner will also have to decide whether or not they will remove the stump that has been left behind after a tree has been taken down. This is a necessary step if the ground area where a tree once stood will be replanted or used for other purposes. The blog ended by stating that how to best repurpose the area where a tree once stood is another yard planning step that the landscaping experts such as those at EPS are always ready to help out with.

Whether the experienced crews at EPS Landscaping & Tree Service LLC are removing trees or doing any other types of specialty tree services, customers often speak highly of the company’s work in the …….

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